I noticed there were a couple parts that are important to me that were cut from my recent Newsweek piece. Thought I’d just include those two bits here for posterity…

 I don’t sell my books on Amazon because I don’t want to wear Amazon sweatpants, while using Amazon batteries… while I eat food I bought on Amazon, while they sell my book too. That all feels too weird and dystopian – even for me.

And also:

I don’t do any conventional advertising, and I find most forms of social media basically abhorrent now, and don’t want to participate anymore. Instead, I promote the AI Lore books on my personal blog, and sporadically on Medium and Reddit. And that’s really it. The rest of the sales activitity is fueled by real people finding the books, and coming back to them again and again as they explore new narrative rabbit-holes and share them with their friends. 

I understand why Newsweek cut them (to a degree), but to me both of these are essential components of the bigger story of being an author in our time.