Linking to my NY Post piece on r/singularity netted both a bunch of upvotes and a lot of angry replies. Mostly they have just hardened my resolve to not try to bend to anyone’s creative vision but my own. Listening to all these people would make any sane person give up art altogether. I like this one though as it’s pretty measured, unlike most:

As a person and a human being I do not approve low quality crap on the internet. However, this is just one example of an effect of lowered costs to produce digital assets.

The quality of these digital assets can only go up due to better base models, better prompting and prompting techniques and “smarter” ML methods.

I actually don’t have much of a reply, so much as I agree with it. And wanted to also add that as a creator, if you’ve actually used these tools extensively and gotten deep knowledge of how they work first hand, you’re going to be in increasingly better positions as the technology matures and people quit both hyping & fearing it.