One thing I’ve tried to avoid for the most part in AI art that I’ve generated is using prompts that include “in the style of ___” or “trending on artstation,” etc. First, it’s not really the kind of look or feel that I’m going after generally speaking. But second, it does feel somewhat creepy to just have AIs imitate specific artists. I’m not really sold on the arguments brought forth by the legal challenges against, but of all the interesting and creative stuff generative AI is capable, attempting to reproduce a specific artist’s style just seems like bottom of the barrel stuff to me.

Which is something which has bugged me about certain gen-AI sites like, for example, The service has some UX issues, but by and large is a decent tool to help you get good results in Stable Diffusion, and they offer a lot of generations on their free plan. That being said, I’ve noticed that when you apply some of their filters, they automatically inject artist names and styles into the prompts, and there seems to be no way to turn it off. They even inject greg rutkowski into some prompts, which seems to indicate they have not really been tracking or else are not concerned about the evolving controversies here.

It’s a shame in my eyes to create an okay service, and then simply close your eyes to related issues in the industry, and either pretend like they don’t exist, or actively make them worse – even when users on their own are attempting to stay out of it. There are better ways to manage and present these technologies to people than this, and as artists I think we’re obligated to find or develop them.