The AI books are getting out of hand. Published #47 this morning.

That one’s not a Quatria-related book, but I wanted to make a running list of the ones that are, presented in chronological order of their writing (narratively they don’t follow any particular order).

  1. The Lost Direction
  2. The Quatria Conspiracy
  3. Mysterious Antarctica
  4. Mysterious Tob Gobble
  5. Inside the Hypogeum
  6. (Beyond Atlantis)
  7. (The Shape Wars)
  8. Inside the Hollow Earth
  9. (Beyond Nibiru)
  10. The Island of Deception
  11. The Endless Knot
  12. (Mysterious Bigfoot)

Many other books in the set touch on fundamentally Quatrian themes, but above are the ones that are overtly set in that corner of the latent space. I put in parentheses the ones which to me are carrying some of the minor/less canonical aspects of this narrative, but are directly tied to it in either case.

For me as a world-builder, this is a great way of writing, because I can carve off specific aspects of the universe/multiverse, without having to try to wrangle everything into a single narrative. It’s very freeing, and I think gives the reader a lot of room to explore and make their own sense of it all.