Book NFTs Are A Thing Now

I’m excited to announce that the Conspiratopia Book NFT is officially launched on the MATIC blockchain, via OpenSea.

This is a limited edition release of 50 only. Think of it as a digitally-signed copy of the book, with benefits.

What Buyers Get

Purchasers of the book NFT receive an instant free download coupon for the ebook (EPUB format), and 1st generation purchasers can write in to Lost Books with their address to receive a free print copy shipped to them in the mail globally at no extra cost (anywhere, my printer, is able to provision).

Who Am I?

Past Press Coverage

You can read more about my approach so far to pioneering in the Book NFT space, and listen to an in-depth interview about the technique here from when I was interviewed by The Debrief also wrote about my book NFTs here.

Other Buying Options

  • If you just want to read the original draft of the book online, without purchasing, you can do that here on my website.
  • If you just want to buy the ebook direct, without all the bells & whistles, it’s available right now on Gumroad.
  • The print copy is still being proofed, so it’s not yet available to the general public. However, if you buy the NFT, I’ll send you an advance copy as soon as it’s ready (I’m expecting it to be ready by around Oct. 1, 2021).