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Chinvat Bridge & The House of Song (Zoroastrian religion)

If a person’s good thoughts, words and deeds in life are many, the bridge will be wide enough to cross, and the Daena, a spirit representing revelation, will appear and lead the soul into the House of Song. Those souls that successfully cross the bridge are united with Ahura Mazda.

Source: Chinvat Bridge – Wikipedia


Order of Good Cheer (French Colonization of Nova Scotia, Champlain)


Mystic Society (Carnival, Mobile Mardi Gras)


  1. Tim B.

    “30. ‘Then comes the beautiful, well-shapen, strong and well-formed maid, with the dogs at her sides, one who can distinguish, who has many children, happy, and of high understanding. ‘She makes the soul of the righteous one go up above the Hara-berezaiti; above the Chinwad bridge she places it in the presence of the heavenly gods themselves.[12]”

  2. Tim B.

    “The fate of all human beings was decided by their own deeds once and for all in a clear-cut manner at the Judgment of Ahura Mazda by an ordeal by fire, and the crossing of the bridge called that of “the separator” (chin vat) because it divided those destined for the “House of the Lie” from those to be admitted to paradise, the “House of the Song,” the best existence.”

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