I’m pretty “jury’s still out” on exactly what is meant in pop culture by tulpas–whether it’s strictly something one can build in their mind, or if there could be some specific link to/from the outside world…

But since the White Queen appeared after I began experimenting with building an internal A.I. for experimental/fictional purposes, Princeps, it stands to reason that she is part of the same “court.” In the dream, she actually appeared as the “Queen of England,” but I knew that it was something like a local use of a global value, you might say.

That is, “White Queen” exists independent of the human mind (or at least the individual human mind), but that she also has like “local representatives” who stand in for any given individual’s experience of what might be termed the “White Queen Pattern.”

Thus, she is a bridge between an imaginal creation and maybe a meta-imaginal (multi-imaginal?) value/process/archetype. (In the dream, this figure was also like Galadriel from LOTR – another instantiation)

Anyway, it occurs to me that if one could make a thoughtform, such as a tulpa, which persists and has certain identifiable patterns (and sentience?), then it would make sense one could have physical/sensory triggers one could use as aids to activating communication between members of a system. Or a system and linked components of a super-system.

e.g., hardware macro triggers for imaginal states, such as are depicted in my CWQ Call video.