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Tag: new arrival

Entity Class: New Arrival

As of today’s date, scientific reports are predicting some 1 Billion climate refugees as the Initial Crisis worsens. During the subsequent years, as those individuals, groups, families, and ethnic groups are set into motion on the global stage, they variously face challenges as first Refugees who crash regional Governance Systems and eventually as the Agglomeration Wars develop, become labelled New Arrivals, and may be classed as Other-Providers or Without Providers, subject to exclusion and other special measures, in contravention of the United Free Realms Universal Code.

Entity Class: Other-Provider

Each station tends to have a dominant or ascendant Provider, and for processing purposes assesses New Arrivals on the basis of their Providership. Are they covered by a recognized regime or a reciprocal provider? Can their value be easily traded on the open market as a bulk quantity? As opposed to a WP (Without Provider), an Other-Provider is still a more or less “known commodity” within the Greater System, according to the nascent and developing Standard Protocols.

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