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Edward Allen Oxford NFT

This NFT is an AI-assisted photographic reconstruction of Edward Allen Oxford, creator of Quatria, and is believed to have been taken in 1914. It is based on a badly damaged photo that was discovered along with mysterious letters in an attic of an old house in Eastern Canada.

The story goes that a WWI merchant marine ship was supposedly sunk off the coast of Antarctica by a German U-boat. The letters were purportedly written by the sole survivor, Edward Allen Oxford. Upon his rescue two years later, he claimed he survived on a warm tropical island, the existence of which was never proven by authorities.

During his convalescence, he wrote dozens of detailed letters to his wife about the myths and history of that realm, which he called Quatria. Some said he had an overactive imagination, but no one could explain how he’d survived two years alone in the frigid cold.

More information:

Making Edward Allen Oxford

While Edward Allen Oxford is a totally true figure who actually existed, I will admit to a bit of creative invention on my part. The only photo of Oxford which was in my possession was badly damaged by the ravages of time and weathering in the attic within which it was hidden for so many years in Eastern Canada.

As a result, I found myself in need of assistance in restoring this piece of Quatrian history. Regular old Photoshop 6 & my early 2000’s SCSI scanner was not up to the task. So I had to enlist the help of an AI, constructed years ago and largely forgotten by its creator, Richard Rider.

It took me some time to boot up the ancient machine this largely legacy software calls home. But once I did, we were “in business.”

Rider’s AI then proceeded to scan all known databases, past, present & future for any records remotely matching the fragments which were in my possession, or which were registered on the blockchain for his relatives, ancestors, or descendants, based on the DNA pulled from hairs in the sample I found in the attic in Eastern Canada. From these, it generated a composite facial reconstruction, and many intermediaries along the hyperreal spectrum, which I was able to selectively apply & discard in turn, until I landed on the matching photographic reconstruction you see below, which has now become quite well known as a result of the massive news coverage Quatria has been getting lately.

This image will soon be released as an NFT, through the famous site called SuperRare, where prices for suchwise artefacts are exceedingly handsome.

Edward Allen Oxford – Only Surviving Photo, Circa 1914

Here is what I believe to be the only surviving photo of Edward Allen Oxford, who is the source of much of the original Matter of Quatria, which was organized & edited for clarity to become the book known as The Lost Direction, the first volume of the Lost Books of Quatria.

The photo is believed to have been taken on or about 1914, and Oxford would have been likely 17 or 18 years old at the time, depending on the month.

Edward Allen Oxford, c. 1914, Eastern Canada
Edward Allen Oxford, c. 1914, Eastern Canada

Naming & The Hyperreal, Part 0

When I first joined the NFT game in a serious way, starting I believe the day after Valentine’s Day (I was doing it before, but that’s about when I remember it exploding), I began using the nom de guerre NFT Trillionaire, World-Famous Crypto Artist.

I even got an attribution in a “legitimate” news article under that name, about the NFT real estate craze.

According to the Debrief, quoting me:

“The NFT market is all about what people agree on as having value, including things that exist only virtually or digitally,” Timothy Boucher, an NFT artist who goes by ‘NFT Trillionaire, World-Famous Crypto Artist’ online, told The Debrief. “Almost anything can become valuable as an NFT under the right circumstances. It just depends on the people, the moment, and the asset.”

This was, for me, an extremely hyperreal moment, as per the Wikipedia definition:

“Hyperreality is seen as a condition in which what is real and what is fiction are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins.”

Interestingly, by the time “the media” had caught up with my use of this persona, it was already waning, as the excitement for the early burst of the NFT cryptoart explosion was beginning to diminish

Anyway, this post is just a place-holder so I can tie this together better later. Sorry to be inconclusive, but /shrug this is blogging! A lot of it is “thinking out loud,” if memory serves…

Entered Musicians of the House of Silence

Upon reaching a certain level of devotion, a master minstrel may elect to join the House of Silence. Through the completion of an elaborate ordeal which tests both their skill and character, they may be admitted by their Elders as an Entered Musician of the House of Silence. Entered Musicians join the Silent Orchestra which holds deeply moving quiet concerts free and open to the public year round.

A must see while visiting Quatria.

An Extant walks into a bar…

A Survivor walks up out of a white desert to a large wall.

There is a kiosk in a nook of the wall that looks like an older monochrome ATM machine.

The battered Survivor walks up and presses a button on the machine.

The machine comes to life, with a whir and a blinking cursor appears onscreen.

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