I am pleased to announce the publication of an open letter to the US Congress requesting that artists using AI be given a seat at the table in helping shape regulations around generative artificial intelligence technologies, and beyond.

This letter was produced in collaboration between Creative Commons, Fight for the Future, and a group of artists working in these spaces, including myself. There are presently over 80 signatories to the letter. Artists are encouraged to sign here.

I have previously laid out a case why I believe artists are essential to determining right uses of technology in society. (Find out more about my work here.)

I have also been haranguing people in the Canadian government (I’m a dual US-Canadian citizen) and federal political parties to get their acts together on these issues, and have laid out a detailed template for them to orient themselves in the form of my Digital Terms of Service for AI Companies In Canada.

As someone who has authored 114 books with the help of AI technologies, and been working in online safety for platforms, protocols, non-profits, and consulted with government groups, I have a unique perspective and set of experiences I can add to this conversation. I understand all too well the hate that artists experimenting with AI have been subjected to, as I myself have.

It’s time we move on to a bigger conversation and go deeper on these issues.

If you’d like to talk, or are a journalist in need of comment for reporting on this open letter to Congress, you can reach me here.