Tales of the Hippo Knights is the latest volume in the AI Lore books series.

It’s a bit of a wildcard or standalone book in that it doesn’t squarely fit into any of the other major systems of lore in use in the other books, though it has Quatrian overtones, to be sure.

The book uses Midjourney for images, and Claude with human editing for text. This book began first in an accidental image discovery, which I then expanded on, and drew out aspects of a story iteratively using Claude.

Here’s the art preview from Gumroad:

It’s fun to produce these more “small frame” stories, that don’t necessarily link up to the major arcs of the other ones (even if they all do sort of narratively collide somewhere down the road). It makes for a bit of fresh air and space to look around while the other “heavier” narratives unfurl themselves.

I was also happy to finally be able to integrate some elements that I’d had in the background for a really long time, like the Wastewind and Arkalas, the Knight of the Branching Sword, etc. (which actually originated during my brief stint in crypto art.) I think we will see more of both in future volumes.