I like the Lifewire description of me in this piece as an “artist and AI activist.” That seems accurate.

Here’s the quote of mine they included, which is more or less essentially the topic of all my dystopia books.

“As private companies amass computational power on the one hand, and then on the other begin to become service providers for global businesses and governments, they come to have levers of control to subtly or overtly influence other entities which rely on the provisioning of these services. Also, as the AI boom continues, these companies will become extremely wealthy, in some cases being likely to have more money than governments,” artist and AI activist Tim Boucher told Lifewire via email.

“This will threaten the power of the state unless states can build their own operational computational capacities and relevant expertise. The UK is trying to do precisely this with the new AI task force and funding they are setting up,” says Boucher.