Postcards from Dystopia is a new collection in the AI Lore books series, featuring the first chapters or sections of 8 of the “classic” dystopian books in the series. This is the first time I’ve put together a book in this format, which is a set of excerpts from other books.

For readers who are new to this universe, it may give you a good entry point into some of the major themes and story-lines. If you find a particular direction that interests you, it may lead you down other rabbit holes.

If nothing else, it’s free and gives you a peek into what I’m doing (with no risk) if you haven’t already seen. It’s set up as a pay what you want (marked on the product page as “Name a fair price”).

House-keeping note: Now that I’ve passed 100 volumes, I’ve stopped trying to keep track of which number these are chronologically. Partly due to having removed from publication one older title, with the possibility of doing the same for one or two others in the perhaps not too distant future as well (undecided).

This is actually for me one major advantage to selling on Gumroad and not on Amazon, because now I can easily just delete titles that I no longer want to sell, or update them in 1 second. Usually with Amazon listings, you’re stuck and can never get them down again. And if you’re publishing through a third party (like I did with for the print versions of Lost Direction and Conspiratopia), it may take weeks for edits to propagate out to Amazon.

F**k all that. This way I have greater control AND more data about sales, and I believe a better profit margin – but it’s a long time since I even bothered to check what Amazon offers, as I hate them so much. Talk about dystopian, but that is a tale for another time.