I’ve seen a lot of people taking issue with language used by the media (not by me) to describe my AI art & lore books as “novels.”

They claim that “novels” according to conventional classification cannot be 2-5K words. And they are right, this is an error in the part of some media reporting. It’s not something I ever called them, having written one full-length novel and one novella; I understand quite well what is the difference.

I do like I think it was maybe NY Post who started calling them “mini-novels,” and I think that’s kind of an undefined new and fun sounding category, so I have been running with that.

What most people seem to refuse to want to believe though who are reacting – sometimes quite angrily – is that these are first and foremost pulp-sci fi art books, featuring cool AI art, short stories, flash fiction, and ample servings of world-building and as I call it “lorecore.”

If you go into these expecting Harry Potter, that’s not remotely what you’re going to find. If you go into it thinking you’ve stumbled on an encyclopedia and postcards from a parallel dimension where things are constantly shifting, then you are more on the right track.