Finished a new small set of Ron Desantis crying at Disney World using Midjourney v5. (A backup copy on Imgur)

I’ve seen a fairly consistent issue across sets that if you specify a person’s name in prompts, it often will make multiple people in the photo either share all or elements of that person’s face. Or if you identify two people in the photo, their faces and features will be sort of mixed up and blended together.

It’s weird and sometimes annoying, but also one of those fun quirks that I think looking back will be indicative of the time and state of the technology as it stands now. So I don’t mind including a certain contained amount of it as evidence of the times…

I tried for quite a while to get more visuals of like a brawl between Desantis and a costumed Mickey Mouse performer, but the vast majority of them ended up showing Desantis fighting some variation of himself (which is probably correct from a psychological standpoint anyway), or with like Mickey wearing a suit & Desantis having Mickey-glove hands, things like that. So in the end it just seemed simpler to focus on Desantis crying and looking downcast and dejected at the Magic Kingdom.