Re: labeling of AI-assisted content (in line with my proposal for AIMark)

In the past, I’ve found it somewhat annoying that when you copy paste out of Apple Books app, you end up with this attribution information at the end (see below):

“But we don’t have to accept this destiny. We can choose a different path, one defined by the messiness of reality and uncertainty, as opposed to an endlessly numb predictability.”

Excerpt From
Das Machina
Lost Books
This material may be protected by copyright.

Which is not to say that attribution is a bad idea. It’s a very good idea (I’ve just found it annoying in the past because I usually attribute text excerpts in other ways). And in AI-generated content, it may prove to be a very big deal indeed.

So anyway, I get why Apple includes it as a base feature in the Books app. And it makes me think, why can’t this become some kind of default (or option) in something like ChatGPT – or any other AI content application. When you copy paste from it into another application, you would get some clear notice of attribution to the model which birthed it. Presumably it would not be hard to pull off technically, and would provide a first, very basic level of AI attribution, upon which other elements could be added down the road.