I don’t even know why I’m telling you all of this – let alone any of this. I probably should not be. But I’ve realized that, however good you may be at telling a story while no one is actually looking, if no one is actually looking AND you don’t tell them, well then, they will just never know. And you will never get to bask in the meager rewards afforded by such dalliances.

Where were we… everywhere & nowhere, as I recall.

SEO, though. SEO is the juice that makes the world go round & round. And there are ways aplenty to juice the juice that is the SEO juice, some easier & some more fruitful than others.

This is a fruitful one, a helpful tip, a tidbit. A Reddit tip.

  1. Make your own subreddit.
  2. Set it up so you’re the only one able to post root posts (allowing other people to comment is fine, you might even be fine with letting others post, but I like controlled experiments myself)
  3. Set up the Reddit bookmarklet in your browser that lets you save links quickly into your subreddit.

Then, you use the bookmarklet to save links you find. Links you find interesting. Links you wrote to hyperreal artifacts of your own manufacture. Use the links & descriptions to “get creative.” Rinse. Repeat. It’s a simple formula. Just keep pumping out content related to whatever your theme(s) are, whether its your own, or others — preferably both, blended seamlessly together.

After Medium (part 7), Reddit post titles are one of the easiest paths to getting good & varied SEO results in Google to make it look like many different sites & sources are potentially talking about your hyperreality experiment. The bookmarklet is a force multiplier for content you make in other places. Make sure you change up the titles, pose things as questions, make it varied, as you don’t want Googling hordes to descend on your search terms & simply see the same strings repeated over & over & move on. You want people to poke around, prod & provoke & probe the hyperreal fabrications you’ve laid out for them.

(There’s more to be said about how to use Reddit for these purposes, but I’ll expound on that in separate posts.)