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Drangue (Albanian mythology)

The drangue is born with a caul and two or sometimes four wings under the arms and has supernatural powers, especially in the wings and arms. He is made invulnerable by the singular conjunction produced at his birth, and can die only if this conjunction is repeated once again.[2][3] The main goal of the drangue is to fight the kulshedra in legendary battles.[4] He uses meteoric stones, lightning-swords, thunderbolts, piles of trees and rocks to defeat the kulshedra and to protect mankind from storms, fire, floods and other natural disasters caused by her destructive power.[5][3]

Source: Drangue – Wikipedia


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  1. Tim B.

    “The drangues are semi-human warriors with extraordinary strength, giving them the ability to tear trees out of the ground and throw large boulders at their enemies. They can also cast lightning bolts and meteors, or whole houses.[14][7]

    The wings and arms of a dragùa are thought to be the source of his power and if their bodies are dissected, a golden heart with a jewel in the middle of it will be found.[15][8]

    As warrior fighting the kulshedra, he is armed with the “beam of the plow and the plow-share”,[17] or a “pitchfork and the post from the threshing floor, and with the big millstones”.[18] He also employs his cradle is used as shield to parry blows from the kushedra.[19]

    These heroes may live unnoticed among humans and are thought to be “invulnerable, untouchable, and undefeatable”.[9] They have “supernatural powers which become apparent while they are still babies in their cradles. When thunder and lightning strike Dragùas assemble with their cradles at the Dragùa gathering place”.[8] “

  2. Tim B.

    “Thunderstorms are conceived as battles between the drangues and the kulshedras, the roll of thunder taken to be the sounds of their weapons clashing.[14][7] This shares many similarities with chaoskampf, a mythological trope of the Proto-Indo-European religion, where a Storm God battles a many-headed Sea Serpent. Drangues are believed to perpetually battle with the Kulshedra. Or he is said to have slain her for good, having knocked her unconscious by throwing trees and boulders at her, and afterwards drowning her in the Shkumbin River, according to the localized lore of central Albania.[14][7]”

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