Before the fall of Abbadon, in Old Quatria, when the land was still young, there were no hierarchic divisions among the priest caste, and in fact not yet a formalized priest caste. Instead, there were traveling minstrels, who went from field and glen to town and village in celebration of the mysteries. They told the tales and the jokes, sung the songs and epic poems of the places they’d gone, or dreamed of on that long, long road.

Though they brought with them joy, the people in the towns could feel their loneliness, and longing for home. They would cook them meals, and give them beds and barns to sleep in, and stock them with provisions and foodstuff when they went on their way.

And thus marked the passing of the rounds of time in Old Quatria. The timing of the Festivals coinciding with the return of the roving bands of minstrels and the changes of the seasons.

Source: A Tale of Ancient Quatria – Tim Boucher