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Táltos (Hungarian myth)

The most important ability of a táltos is a meditation or spiritual trance called “révülés” (verb: révül); in this state, he could heal wounds and sickness or learn hidden truths by “sending their soul among the stars”. The táltos was chosen by Gods or spirits for a specific calling in life and had the duty to communicate with the entire Hungarian nation in a time of danger, to warn against invading armies or an impending cultural collapse.

Source: Táltos – Wikipedia


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  1. Tim B.

    “The táltos steed would typically appear at first to the protagonist (usually a peasant’s son, adventuring prince, or a youngest son) disguised as an old and ugly jade. If it is treated well, it would ask the hero to feed it hot cinders, whereupon its transform into a steed with golden coat, golden saddles and five or six legs. In this form it could fly with the protagonist on its back; its speed is mandatorily described as “faster than a bird”, “faster than wind”, and finally “faster than thought”. “

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