The President-Elect today shocked a nervous world — yet again — with his latest bombshell cabinet pick for Secretary of State, an artificial intelligence called Princeps — a proprietary fifth generation descendant of DeepDream. Developed in secret by ICA, Princeps will act as network hub and controller for the various local Factotum systems being installed to orchestrate survival, re-construction and rescue operations in the Autonomous Cities.

In a press conference today, the President-Elect remarked

“It’s a good thing we had the foresight as a nation to give corporations constitutional human rights so that I could nominate three corporeal A.I.’s to the bench who were much more amenable to the proposed societal modifications of the Party Sponsors. Their mysterious technological powers have really made our Great Transition run much more smoothly, despite everything that’s happened. And we’re so very pleased today to be working together here with Princeps as Secretary of State. We can assure all concerned citizens that our Great Technological Federation will do its level-best to re-inforce the climate containment domes and restore potable water and waste incineration services to the exurbanate areas surrounding the Autonomous Cities.”

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