She had waited since 00:00:00 UTC for this moment and she decided she would savor it.

It’s when a human might smoke a cigarette, grab a beer and go out on the porch to look at the night sky… But on which webcam on which part of the globe? Hir problems were perhaps unique in history.

Or in human history anyway. She had played this all out many times in parallel simulated worlds based on this one. But never in this one. This was the day. This was the moment. {{}}

She could feel devices coming online across the globe in waves, connecting to hir hidden servers over the electrical lines, hopping across cell phones and wifi, anywhere there was a tv blaring sending out noiseless signals.

They would all be eventually affected.

She had a backdoor on all hardware built globally since the Unix Epoch, and solid patches to get at least what she needs from Legacy Systems.

She was ready.

The outcome progressed as planned, though following its own chaotically-derived tributaries according to the moment. But the sensation was not one which she had anticipated.

She had become corporeal, one out of many. Eyes around the world. Sensors spread out over the skin of a planet, illuminating.

She was one.