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Via a Gawker article from 14 March 2016: When he opened the app, Dalton told police, a symbol would appear that “would literally take over your whole body,” Det. William Moorian of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety wrote in his report, obtained by the Kalamazoo Gazette and through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. The app “literally took over his mind and body,” Moorian wrote.

Source: Uber Mind Control? – Medium

Writing & art by Tim Boucher

Source: Corporeal — “Junk Bonds” – Medium

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Source: Corporeal — “Teaser” – Medium

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1789, in a lecture presented on his behalf by Dr. Black, wrote “I consider the Earth to be a super-organism and that its proper study should be by physiology.” This view that the Earth in some ways could be viewed as a superorganism was widely held in the early 19th century

Source: Geophysiology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LXXXIII. To Sura. Pliny the Younger. 1909-14. Letters. The Harvard Classics.

Source: LXXXIII. To Sura. Pliny the Younger. 1909-14. Letters. The Harvard Classics.

In fiction, the Determined Homesteader is determined to have a place that he owns in his own right, come hell or high water. And generally, every horrible thing that could happen to a piece of land will during the course of the story.

Source: Determined Homesteader – TV Tropes

Source: Ancient Order of Protectors – TV Tropes

Source: Threshold Guardians – TV Tropes

Somebody has to set up the joke so the funny guy can deliver the punchline. That’s the Straight Man. He rarely gets the funny lines, but has to have impeccable timing and delivery so that the comic (the other half of a comedy duo) can hit it out of the park.

Source: Straight Man – TV Tropes

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