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Tag: trans oceanic technological union

Entity: United Free Realms UFR

Variously, Universal Free Realms. Interchangeable.

Trans-Oceanic Technological Union

The Trans-Oceanic Technological Union (TOTU) was an outgrowth of the Consortium for Rapid Technological Advancements (The Consortium) and came about originally as part of a planned judicial remedy favoring the Affected Nations after the Lesser Crisis through onward technology transfer (xfer).

In practice, the Multi-Technate Alliance used it as a way to extend and strengthen its Authority in resource extraction, allocation, and transfer.

TOTU Scanner

I am a Scanner for TOTU. The Trans Oceanic Technological Union. The year is 2020. They say hindsight is 20/20, but the year so far certainly isn’t.

I inspect anomalous packets and attempt to validate their branar densities before approving or denying forward traffic.

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