Just finished watching Wild Palms, which I unfortunately never saw during its original run in the 90’s. You can catch it via YouTube here:

I also enjoyed this piece on We Are the Mutants which gives a lot of background about the series, and the accompanying book, the Wild Palms Reader.

One thing that jumped out at me in that is a quote from the Reader from the in-world character Senator Kreutzer, who wants to:

…bring about the media millennium, where every American is free to inhabit a reality of his or her own choosing, through the software science of the mind and the hardware technology of the spirit!

This is almost exactly what Jack Clark said about “reality collapse” in his newsletter:

…everyone’s going to be able to generate their own custom and subjective aesthetic realities… everyone gets to create and live in their own fantasies that can be made arbitrarily specific, and that also means everyone loses a further grip on any sense of a shared reality.