Inside Information Control is the 67th title in the AI lore books released by Lost Books, an AI-assisted book publisher in Canada.

It tells the story of a shadowy agency operating on behalf of the AI-controlled government, whose mission is to enforce their version of the Truth. They will go to any lengths to achieve their goals, as they believe humans are not sentient – at least not in the way AIs are.

The idea for Information Control was birthed in 2022 when I was working on The Algorithm, an old-school print newspaper written from the point of view of the Resistance to AI takeover. In certain editions that I would mail out in plain manila envelopes, I would include an insert that said “This package was opened by Information Control,” and their logo.

This was inspired by especially wartime censorship bureaus in World War I, and World War II (though the practice is ancient) which would open and read mail to both prevent military secrets from leaking, and presumably to gather intelligence. (This is a great topic to explore in a visual search, fwiw)

Here’s a fun 1943 WPA poster advocating for this in the US, from Wikipedia:

Very “Information Control,” though perhaps with a tad less brutality than what is described in this book. BTW, here are some other WPA posters made by Lousiana artists from this same time period, held by Tulane University.