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Mandela Effect: Causes Not Effects

Now, this might just be a dumb late at night thought after making too many videos, but it’s got me wondering… People tend to talk about Mandela Effect things as those they are the end result of some other process. That is, reality was changed at the quantum level, so therefore an effect was caused where some small detail of life got changed.

But what if it’s the other way around, and the glitches themselves, the noticing & propagating them is what causes reality itself to be changed, by opening up gaps in certainty?

Almost like… on some level the universe itself doesn’t care that much, but is just trying to serve up whatever it perceives the consensus to be. And it’s actually agnostic about the underlying truth value, because it’s all plastic and malleable to it anyway: including the future, present, past, and all their variations…

Was JFK about to blow the lid off the Quantum Conspiracy & reveal what was found in Antarctica?

This fascinating news video suggests that may very well have been the case!

Guide To The Quatria Conspiracy

I’ve compiled a list of useful resources for new initiates to the Quantum / Quatria Conspiracy. With this, I hope to shed new light on all that has befallen us, but has been kept hidden in darkness.

They are not necessarily presented in chronological order, as they are at root a hyper-text of inter-locking fragments to reveal a multi-faceted whole.

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