Quoting from an interview with Terence McKenna’s brother, Dennis, who is featured prominently in True Hallucinations, which I am almost finished reading.

I think it’s just bad legal thinking to think that as a species we have the authority to prohibit any other organism.

That’s not the way it works.

Who gave us the right to criminalize another species?

So I think there are human rights issues here as well. I think that people have the right to symbiosis and that’s what this is, interacting with another species for mutual benefit.

That’s symbiosis. Whether it’s for food or something else useful that you get out of that relationship. You know, I don’t think any government or any authority should have the right to say that we cannot engage in symbiosis with any organism that we want to. […]

We do not have the authority, we do not own nature. We don’t have the authority to state that these plants will not be allowed to exist on the face of the earth.