Learning how media coverage works over the past few years, and especially lately has been… interesting. Authors do not have an easy road of promoting their works. Literally every person on planet earth has written a fantasy novel, and it’s basically impossible to get press about it. Unless you’re already known with a well-developed following.

So I did what anybody would do in a situation like that, I used generative AI to write 100 books, and suddenly (I won’t give away all my secrets) people started to notice. Combined with other elements, like viral gen AI images on social media, and an expertise in content moderation and disinformation, the endeavor started to seem newsworthy. But it was a long uphill slog getting there.

Eventually, you reach a point where the fact that you got coverage is the thing that becomes newsworthy. I got onto Newsweek because I got onto CNN. I got onto Futurism because I got onto Newsweek, and the circle goes on and on.

So where to next? I realize there is still a story central to this whole operation which has not yet been adequately told. My story. Not just the punchline or the gimmick or whatever, but the human path that brought me here.

It all starts with content moderation; perhaps the best coverage of that actually happened quite some time ago, via David Farrier’s long-ish interview with me, archived here. But that was in a different era, before this current batch of tools hit, and before AI really exploded onto the scene…

Anyway, in an effort to have a chance to further tell that story in the media, I put out this press release a few days ago, and I’m planning to go into greater depths about the roots of my work in the… shall we say, terrors… of the world of content moderation, and how it took me a long time – maybe three years (?) to nearly or almost fully recover from its effects. I’ll of course in the interim use this blog as a sounding board as I figure out how best to tell that final story, the story of me.