Recently passed 600 NFTs given away, and more than 300 people have now downloaded Conspiratopia.

Continuing to see some really nice reviews being posted on Goodreads by new readers. Here are some excerpts.

S.I. writes (archive) in part:

“I think this is a great comment – a raw, unbiased account – of what a normal joe goes through in the internet, and how fake news, viral stories, conspiracy theories all work as a sort of “cult” to attract people into performing certain activities online. Whether it’s marketing companies giving out free coupons in exchange for lenghty opinions on a certain product or a terrorist cell looking to get their positions tweeted out, it usually starts out by getting your attention – a bored, maybe uneployed and disfranchised person – and inciting your curiosity.”

N.J. writes, in part (archived):

“With crazy twists and turns, this short book is a hell of a ride!”

Very positive and thoughtful reviews coming out from early readers of this book. Super nice to hear. Big thanks to everyone!

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Happy New Year all!