The Hieruthian Hypothesis supposes that the End Permian Mass Extinction Event was caused by a catastrophic temporal displacement which intersected the planet Earth, causing sudden inversion of planetary magnetic polarity. In turn, this triggered an underground magma pulse, and resulting conditions exterminated the majority of terrestrial life forms. While most of the planet became a dead zone for some five million years, Triassic Antarctica became a refuge ecosystem for the survivors of this three-pulse mass extinction event.

Certain members of these possible survivor species are called eutherians by scientists, but may be more properly called Hieruthians, after the old Quastrian ‘hieruthi,’ roughly translating to ‘old one,’ which in that culture was a term of great respect for a wise and grey haired elder.

The Hieruthian Hypothesis goes on to suggest that cladistic memories of this time period were passed on to all subsequent members of this evolutionary group, and that this is the origin of such lost lands myths as Lemuria, or Kumari Kandam. The true Lemurians, you might say, were lemurs!