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Counterfactual Definiteness & The Hyperreal, Part 15

This definition of counterfactual definitness in quantum mechanics makes so much sense in terms of the hyperreal that I just wanted to bookmark it with its own post:

“…the ability to speak “meaningfully” of the definiteness of the results of measurements that have not been performed (i.e., the ability to assume the existence of objects, and properties of objects, even when they have not been measured).”

Applied in the context of the hyperreal, it might be something like: the ability to accept certain things as given or tentatively “real” within the context of a domain or world, etc. such that you can use them as building blocks for further development or understanding. That’s a very rough take, but there’s something here for sure…


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  1. Tim B.

    Also, when speaking about irreal or hyperreal objects, places, people and their properties, it’s possible that “measuring” them causes them to come into being somehow?

    This is included later in the wiki article, and sounds about right:

    “The many worlds interpretation rejects counterfactual definiteness in a different sense; instead of not assigning a value to measurements that were not performed, it ascribes many values. When measurements are performed each of these values gets realized as the resulting value in a different world of a branching reality.”

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