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Eos (Greek mythology, goddess of the dawn)

The dawn goddess Eos was almost always described with rosy fingers or rosy forearms as she opened the gates of heaven for the Sun to rise.[27] In Homer,[28] her saffron-colored robe is embroidered or woven with flowers;[29] rosy-fingered and with golden arms, she is pictured on Attic vases as a beautiful woman, crowned with a tiara or diadem and with the large white-feathered wings of a bird.

Source: Eos – Wikipedia


Ushas (Hindu goddess, dawn)


Hausōs (Indo-European mythology, dawn goddess)

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  1. Tim B.

    “Like more than a few Etruscan Goddesses, she seems to have survived into Tuscan folklore at least until the 19th century as a spirit called “Tesana”. She was said to visit mortals as they dreamt, in the time when the sun is rising but before the sleeper had yet awakened. She was believed to bring words of encouragement and comfort, and Her presence in a dream gave good fortune and blessings for the day.[2]”

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