While hunting a stag Placidus saw a vision of a crucifix lodged between the stag’s antlers.[5] […]

In Armenia, Erewmanavank (“Convent of the Holy Apparition”) near Egin was said to be built on the actual location of the encounter of Placidus with the deer. The earliest surviving text detailing this is a manuscript from 1446, but the monastery is far older than that and probably a Byzantine foundation; J.-M. Thierry considers it to be a 10th-century foundation, perhaps by Greeks from Cappadocia. Although the monastery was destroyed during the Armenian Genocide, Thierry, in the 1980s, noted that a transmitted form of the legend still existed among local Muslim Kurds who talked of a “deer of light” appearing at the site.[14] […]

In Georgian mythology, Saint Eustace became associated with the hunting deity Apsat, patron of game animals.[26]

Source: Saint Eustace – Wikipedia