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Blegabred / Beldgabred (“Historia Regum Britanniae”, Geoffrey of Monmouth/Thompson tr. 1842)

SOURCE: “Historia Regum Britanniae: Book III, Chapter 19“, Geoffrey of Monmouth (1136), Translated by Aaron Thompson & J. A. Giles (1842)


Then succeeded Urianus,[33] the son of Andragius; after whom reigned in order, Eliud,[34]Cledaucus,[35]Cletonus,[36]Gurgintius,[37]Merianus,[38]Bleduno,[39]Cap,[40]Oenus,[41]Sisillius,[42]Blegabred.[43] This last prince, in singing and playing upon musical instruments, excelled all the musicians that had been before him, so that he seemed worthy of the title of the God of Jesters. After him reigned Arthmail,[44] his brother; […]”


BlaĆ°gabreast (Wikipedia)


The Lost Direction

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