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Shambhala (Buddhism)

Shambhala is ruled over by Maitreya, the future Buddha. The Kalacakra tantra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed, and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish “Dark Forces” and usher in a worldwide Golden Age.

Source: Shambhala – Wikipedia


Legend of Hy-Brasil


Beyul (Hidden valleys in Tibetan Buddhism)


  1. Tim B.

    “Shambhala may have been the inspiration for Shangri-La, a paradise on Earth hidden in a Tibetan valley, which features in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton.[18] “

  2. Tim B.

    “According to the adherents to the Ascended Master Teachings, Shamballah is a floating city manifested on the etheric plane somewhere above the Gobi Desert in the borderlands of Mongolia.[4][5]”

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