Reitia (Venetic: ??:?:??:?) is a goddess, one of the best known deities of the Adriatic Veneti of northeastern Italy.

While her place in the Venetic pantheon cannot be known for certain, the importance of her cult to Venetic society is well attested in archaeological finds. A large body of votive offerings on pottery and metal objects has been found at a Venetic shrine in Baratella, near Este. In Venetic, she is given the epithets Ĺšahnate, the Healer, and Pora, the good and kind.

She was also a deity of writing; Marcel Detienne interprets the name Reitia as “the one who writes” (compare Proto-Germanic *wreitan- ‘to write’). Inscriptions dedicating offerings to Reitia are one of our chief sources of knowledge of the Venetic language.[1] The Romans identified her with Juno.

Source: Reitia – Wikipedia