Jerusalem is in the centre of the map surrounded by the three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, comprising three leaves of a clover shape.[2] The top-right leaf-shape coloured in green represents Asia, the top-left one coloured in red represents Europe, and the bottom one coloured in yellow represents Africa. The three continents include captions of their various countries and illustrations of some of their cities. Asia includes illustrations of nine cities, Europe includes one illustration of the Italian city Rome, and the continent of Africa includes illustrations of three cities with one being the Egyptian city of Alexandria.

The clover is surrounded by the ocean, with its surface including illustrations of sea creatures, monsters, and a ship. England and Denmark—as perhaps the tip of the entire Nordic countries—are represented as two island-shapes above Europe’s leaf. The Red Sea is illustrated between Asia and Africa, painted in red. America is represented as a separated, mostly unrevealed shape at the lower left corner, coloured in green like Asia, with the caption Die Neue Welt (The New World).

Source: Bünting Clover Leaf Map – Wikipedia