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The Lanx

The Lanx is referred as “a potato on the outside, but a vampire on the inside” by Monstrologists. Though closely related to the Grool, a supernatural species of land sponge that feeds off of bad luck, the Lanx is far more dangerous than it’s cousins. Being vampiric, the Lanx uses it’s frightening teeth to attach themselves onto their victims ( which is usually on the victim’s back). Not completely sessile, the Lanx can move by rolling their potato-like bodies to areas where potatoes grow to hide amongst them. Waiting for a perfect victim to pass by (such as a human or farm animal), the Lanx will attach itself and won’t let go until it drains all the life force.

Source: De Monstris – Monstrology: The Lanx: Vampire Potatoes?


Vampire pumpkins and watermelons


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