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Nemeton (Celtic Religion)

…no bird nested in the nemeton, nor did any animal lurk nearby; the leaves constantly shivered though no breeze stirred. Altars stood in its midst, and the images of the gods. Every tree was stained with sacrificial blood. the very earth groaned, dead yews revived; unconsumed trees were surrounded with flame, and huge serpents twined round the oaks. The people feared to approach the grove, and even the priest would not walk there at midday or midnight lest he should then meet its divine guardian.

Source: Nemeton – Wikipedia


Septimania (History of France)


March (territory)

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  1. Tim B.

    “Lucus was one of four Latin words meaning in general “forest, woodland, grove” (along with nemus, silva, and saltus), but unlike the others it was primarily used as a religious designation.[1] Servius defines the lucus as “a large number of trees with a religious significance,” as distinguished from the silva, a natural forest, and a nemus, an arboretum that is not consecrated.[2] “

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