One day when Lugh had grown; at the time when King Nuadhu had been restored to his throne, he arrived at the door of the King’s fort. He asked the doorkeeper to tell the King that he wanted to join his household. The Doorkeeper told Lugh that no one could join the King’s household without a special skill. “I am a builder” said Lugh. “We already have a builder” said the Doorkeeper. “I am a smith, a champion, a harper, a warrior, a poet, a magician, a physician, a cup-bearer and a brazier” said Lugh” “But we already have someone who possesses each of the skills you mention” said the Doorkeeper. “Then do you have someone who is skilled in all these things together” said Lugh. And indeed there was no one so Lugh was admitted to the King’s household.

Source: Lugh