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I bought one of these. I’m finding theĀ  Ableton/Novation registration & support process is ultra-complicated/maybe bad. Though the button feel/action of the product itself is really nice.

At one point, during product registration, I had to literally send in a photo to prove ownership. All for what, an app that doesn’t even do what I want it to do?

The reason I bought this is as a trigger pad for macros in Keyboard Maestro. I’m still trying to figure out how to control the lights in it without needing Ableton Live Lite.




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  1. Tim Boucher

    I also like the orange USB cable.

    The whole unit physically has a good feel, but the software is really not geared towards my intended usage, which is splitting up repetitive workflows into component segments for human-augmented automation of complex tasks.

  2. Tim Boucher

    Part of the problem here is memorizing as many sets of macro triggers as this board would allow me.

    It looks like 72 to me at the moment, just running 1-to-1 as MIDI button presses in Keyboard Maestro.

    I haven’t gotten deep enough into MIDI yet to understand the channels stuff. One step at a time. To me, atpm, the MIDI pad and keyboard I have are a means to an end: get more buttons to trigger more actions.

    And I have not figured out how to incorporate keys lighting up yet in this rig.

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