Now I’m thinking I’ll have to bring in some tropes to do that, because I’m not good enough to be completely original on every level.

Source: Medium-scale storytelling – (via Ran Prieur)

I’ve toyed for a long time with this idea of a sequence of charged states, strung together. That drama–in the sense of an unfolding of tensions along a narrative timeline through the interactions of characters–is a kind of a passing of a charged moment through the mechanisms laid out on the string.

The King Wen sequence.

I still don’t know what that is supposed to mean. Terence McKenna, something something.

Commedia dell’arte.

You have each trigram as a complex/cluster/association of charged components (ingredients) in arrayed in such and such configuration. And that “state changes” occur, via time-based variations of the field and its components.

The manner and type of these state-values must be, probably, limited. The full set of trigrams. Trigrams which tend to cluster together into mini-sequences or common bits which for some reason form magnetic larger blocks (mega-components).