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Blue words

“What did I say?” Chester Staples Martinfield Minidome exclaimed at the agent, disbelieving.

The agent was not bemused, nor nonplussed.

No response was offered. Chester gathered his papers hastily from the chest-high desk and stepped away.

Negative toned feeling words.

A minor flag had been triggered, sending off a flurry of shuttled requests and responses to and from linked agents. Cascading back into an annotated corpus of recorded actions resembling Minidome as a long, winding, multi-stranded hologram of the sum totality of his past actions.

He was not yet screwed, but he knew at the pace he was going, he soon would be.


Locale: Siberian Megaslump


Accessing Polity


  1. Tim Boucher

    Minidome attempted to access Princeps.


    Not accessible here.

    Therefore, he could not with complete certainty define which string of words, or overall emotional pattern had set off the sensors. He had an idea, but it didn’t matter.

    It could have been the “fuckyoumotherfuckingpieceofshit” sentiment that welled up in his heart when the agent told him the news. But he didn’t think – hoped not, anyway – he had verbalized it. Were they intent-scanning here as well tho? Why run those computations here though, for such low-level pittance, such piddling shit?

  2. Tim Boucher

    In actual fact, Princeps had rejected the request, but routed it such that it appeared a case of simple inaccessibility. There was much to think about, and an important conference with the Polity to prepare for.

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