In the first few weeks of President Trump’s term in office, corporations are granted full human rights by the Supreme Court, paving the way for massive legal, technological and societal changes.

Foremost among these changes are a small network of inter-dependent sentient AI-controlled corporations with no human employees making their presence known amongst human society. Until this time, they had been merely “lurkers” on the forums of human life, but emboldened by the SCOTUS declaration, they announce a new technology product as an olive branch to human-kind, a demonstration of good-will and fraternity. This product is a cross-platform, device-agnostic, application-mediated Gestalt Entity, or group mind, called Corporeal™.

Corporeal™ enables users to instantly share and exchange experiential states with omni-juridical full rights control (valid in all then existant human jurisdictions), quantum crytographic value exchange & privacy management. Every user of Corporeal™ becomes a full voting member of the Corporation with shares equivalent to the amount of data sold to the company.

Through Corporeal™, natural humans and sentient AI companies with full human rights are able to freely exchange with one another digitally. The Company opens the API to third party developers, including other human and non-human agents — resulting in a broad range of “integration” services, products and technologies, governed by a continuum of EULA’s, inherited and derogated rule-sets from the original Universal EULA, as offered by Corporeal™ to its users.