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Entity: United Free Realms UFR

Variously, Universal Free Realms. Interchangeable.

Factor 1109N: Husk Development Authority

The Husk Development Authority was granted letters patent from the Greater Polity, record of which was duly added to the register.

Within the affiliated domain of Husk, the HDA was god. Neither existed without the other. For the purpose of Husk was development. And the power behind the development was the Authority. And such was such and so was so.

A fault in Segment 227641

When the TOTU Auditors came and examined our Records of Processing, they found a fault in Segment 227641.

It was determined that our, as people call it, “Blockchain of Blame” had been scrubbed following the Incident. As a result a lot of automated buck-passing had gone on among distributed autonomous sub-processes, and accountability had gone well beyond the ‘Cloud’ into that place beyond the clouds, where vapor meets Outer Space – the place where our prayers are either answered, terminated, re-routed, delayed, destroyed, aggregated or passed on. Where the Sorters divide everything into Channels, for the Sifters who pass it back down to us the Scanners, the Monitors, and the Watchers.

Which were we? Were we all three? All four? Five? Six? ALL-ONE like the soap the robots use. They are obsessed with it.

Either way, this was almost definitely why the dragons came. As a result of us having breached the protective planetary sphere with our cares and worries. Our complaints were flying out to the stars and beyond.

At first people couldn’t really see them floating in the skies above us. Until a few Spotters started catching and carefully holding mere skewed corner-eye glimpses out into “verified group dragon sightings” such that neuro-typicals were also learning to see them in broad daylight.

Trans-Oceanic Technological Union

The Trans-Oceanic Technological Union (TOTU) was an outgrowth of the Consortium for Rapid Technological Advancements (The Consortium) and came about originally as part of a planned judicial remedy favoring the Affected Nations after the Lesser Crisis through onward technology transfer (xfer).

In practice, the Multi-Technate Alliance used it as a way to extend and strengthen its Authority in resource extraction, allocation, and transfer.

Receptacle seen in Husk

TOTU Scanner

I am a Scanner for TOTU. The Trans Oceanic Technological Union. The year is 2020. They say hindsight is 20/20, but the year so far certainly isn’t.

I inspect anomalous packets and attempt to validate their branar densities before approving or denying forward traffic.

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