As a power user of generative AI bullshit, I can say that one of the big “pain points” I’m reaching as a user is how to manage all the assets that I create, for easy sharing and other types of publishing (blog posts, ebooks, image collections, etc.)

I’m imagining a probably browser level UI, so it could function across different services, where you could click, highlight, or capture generated elements (text, images, etc.) out to a holding tank that archives them to some backup (probably local, imo). Then once in the holding tank, you can have them auto-sorted and searchable, with AI gen metadata that accurately describes them, and categorizes. You could select, arrange, compose new media which incorporate them, and export them to whatever platform, service, or format you need to publish them.

Right now, the process is a terrifying chaotic mess across many services. For images I download into Adobe Lightroom collections, and that works well enough, even if it is tedious to regularly import them – and I don’t ever put in metadata. For text, I will work on documents sometimes in Dropbox Paper, which works fine, but it’s not a comprehensive way to archive all the bullshit things that I generate with AI, so that I can use and organize them later.

I don’t want to have to spend all day sorting and organizing data, but I guess I already do that anyway, so I should stop complaining. But still, there could be a better way…