The Memory Palaces were located within the Bardic Collegium of the Grand Temple of the House of Song, on the Temple Mount of Quatria.

They housed collected historic artifacts and treasures in elaborate cabinets, shelves, and alcoves, and were used as ambulatory teaching halls in the education of would-be bards and lore-singers. Novice minstrels, upon entering the House of Song, would as part of their daily regimen walk the inter-lace foot paths through the halls of the various Memory Palaces. While standing before the appropriate artifact, older instructors would recite to the younger the rhyming couplets which made up the great epics which formed the core repertoire of bardic education. In this way, the knowledge of traditional lore was transmitted to the next generation via the method of loci, a type of mnemonic training of great antiquity.

During the Changes, the Temple Mount crumbled into the Bay of Erasure, and as a result, the original Memory Palaces and all their treasures were lost. After the Fall of the House of Song, the Bardic Collegium split into factions, and went into exile. Lore thereafter continued to be transmitted via a peripatetic tradition, as strolling singers crossed the Wide Lands. But they continued their tradition without the rich visual and symbolic aids of the original artifacts or memory palaces which housed them.

As the gravitational shift over the coming generations would turn the focus of Quatrian society towards the Island of Ovarion and the Court of Tantathawe, remaining factions of of the Bardic Collegium would attempt to build anew Memory Palaces in the honor of King Benda the Great.