One thing that nobody has really honed in on in any of the coverage about my AI Lore books is that my real innovation here is not necessarily the written text at all, but the fact that I have managed to find a way to monetize AI image sets, by embedding them in the narrative context of ebooks.

There has been some conversations around the hashtag “AI cinema,” which using the style of cinematic stills to tell visual stories, but usually those don’t include text, and so far I’ve never seen any that have found a way to monetize.

In fact, I have seen very few examples of people monetizing the output of AI image generators, with maybe the exception of people doing kids’ books with them, which I think is a perfectly valid use (though not one I’m terribly interested in replicating, personally).

Anyway, I think this is fertile ground, so just wanted to highlight it as a theme for future consideration & even product development.