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Being “digital”

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The above is my “experimental” work-station. It is an evolving system combining a Macbook Pro with an external split keyboard, a cheap USB number pad, a Korg Nanokeys MIDI keyboard at left and a Novation Launchpad Mini at top (another MIDI controller).

The number pad and MIDI boards are dedicated triggers for key combos and macros. It probably looks crazy, but it’s kind of become my hobby and it supplements really well my work (I work in web technology–surprise).

Anyway, it’s been gnawing at me for some time now, this idea of being “digital.” Like in the dual sense of digits for numbers but also fingers (from Wiktionary):

A unit of length notionally based upon the width of an adult human finger

Or from the sense in which we use digital clock:

Property of representing values as discrete, usually binary, numbers rather than a continuous spectrum.

There’s something to me here with playing music as well–since two of the boards I’m working with as trigger banks are actually intended for musical performance…

More specifically: is someone who is very “digital” someone with a high-degree of control over their fingers? Someone very dexterous?

Anyway, this has been kicking around in my thought-stream for a while so I wanted to exteriorize this placeholder.


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    Reminder: Come back to this once I’ve gotten my practice chanter and a few lessons under my belt.

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